David was born in Toronto in 1960 and first began making Super 8 and 16mm films at the age of 13. Early films were both live action and animation, but mostly Plasticene animation with such titles as The Kitchen Boy, Obstreperous and One Man’s Meat (no, not that kind of film!).

These films won awards at various festivals like The Toronto Super 8 Festival, the Chicago International Film Festival and The Canadian Amateur Film Awards.

As a teenager, he made films at the school boards' summer program under the tuition of talented Czech émigré, Milo Kubik.   It was this encouragement and the support of many kind people in the film industry in Toronto, which led to David taking a career as a film maker seriously.


At 17 years old he made a short animated film called The Only Game in Town. This Plasticene animated film about a father and son relationship based around a poker game was co-directed with the documentary filmmaker Ron Mann. This film earned a Canadian Academy Award nomination for best short film. David and Ron also collaborated on other short films and lots of record buying at Sam the Record Man. At 18, David designed and animated the first animated Participaction ad which was broadcast nationally in Canada to encourage fitness in lazy Canadians..

Just as he finished high school, David was offered the opportunity to take part in the National Film Board of Canada's student film program, so he moved to Montreal for three months where he made three short films. This visit proved to be a great inspiration as he got to work amongst some of the finest animation filmmakers in the world, including Caroline Leaf, Janet Perlman, Derek Lamb, Sheldon Cohen, Co Hoedeman and many other talented artists who provided much inspiration and support.

After that, at the age of 19, David made a half hour documentary about the renowned Toronto viola maker, Otto Erdesz and his wife, acclaimed viola player Rivka Golani. This half hour film was produced as an independent production by David and broadcast by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The beautiful cinematography on the film was provided by Mark Irwin, who fit the job in between his work as D.O.P. on early David Cronenberg features.

After that, David left for England where he attended The National Film and Television school.  There he made two half hour live action dramas.  He also met fellow student Alison Snowden. They worked on each others films including Alison's short animation, Second Class Mail, which went on to earn an Oscar nomination and led to their career together in film.  Oh, and they're also happily married!